Monday, May 9, 2011

Aam Kasundi


Green mangoes-1 kg,
Coarse Salt-250 gms,
Ginger paste-50 gms.
Red chilli powder-25 gms,
Mustard powder-150gms,
Ripe tamarind (seedless)- 50gms,
Mustard oil- 250gms,
Salt to taste.


Peel and remove the seeds of the mangoes and cut into equal pieces.
Mix in the coarse salt. Use ordinary sea salt . Place in a wooden or a porcelain bowl and leave in the sun for a couple of days until the mango pieces are quite soft. Lightly squeeze and drain the excess liquid accumulated in the bowl. Now add to the mangoes all the spices, the ripe tamarind and salt. Mix thoroughly. In a large aluminum pan heat the oil until a blue haze appears. Add the spiced mango pieces. Stir and mix thoroughly with the oil and remove from fire. Allow to cool and then pour into an airtight glass or earthenware jar. Will keep for 2 months.