Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kolkata Egg Roll

1/2 cucumber
1 red onion
2 green chilies
2 tbspn oil
4 eggs
salt to taste
4 rotis
1/2 lemon


1. Thinly slice cucumber, red onion and green chili pepper.

2. Beat the eggs in a medium bowl until fluffy. Add salt.

3. Place a large frying pan on heat and heat ½ tbsp of oil.

4. Pour ¼ egg mixture into the frying pan and swirl it immediately to form a roti size omlet. Before the egg sets, place a roti on the egg and press it gently. Flip the roti when the egg is done and cook for a few seconds.

5. Remove the roti from the frying pan and place on a board with the egg side up.

6. Divide the sliced vegetables into portions. Line up one portion of the vegetables in the center of the roti. Squeeze out some tomato sauce. Add a little lemon juice.

7. Roll up the roti with the vegetables in the center. Wrap up the roll into lunch paper or greaseproof paper to hold it together. Repeat for the remaining egg mixture, rotis and vegetables ingredients.
8. Serve with Ketchup.